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Olga Zakharova, Successful Stocker

It’s super-valuable that they work exactly with illustrations – you don’t need to explain them what flat is and why the keyword “lettering” is required in a lettering ) 
The main advantage personally for me: you can trust them and don’t need to check all files carefully, the quality is very high. It is definitely a human work, and that human works with their head. I usually just say what keys/ideas the illustration was created for, and then entrust everything else. And it is just super-cool. 
Studio job experience is obviously useful here, too: you can feel that guys do their job not just because, but to make the image be found.

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Iana Zyrianova

You don't want to attribute images by your own anymore :)

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Anastasia Gevko 

It is very comfortable to attribute with the help of bsdkey. They listen to all wishes and can adjust to your keyording style or use their own methods. I definitely recommend them to stockers who are tired of doing it themselves or just want to devote more time to creativity. 😊 I like it!  🌺

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